Announcement by 椿みとしち


First of all, I want to thank Kanami for helping with the translation.


According to 椿みとしち’s description here, she stated that she’s intending to stop drawing fanarts for good after January 2013 and will focus on her own original works. She also stated there to be great possibility that she’ll delete her pixiv account by that time, which is not an uncommon action for Japanese artists.

History to be aware of

Few months ago, a lot of Japanese artists have expressed their anger and disgust on 2chan about western people redistributing their art in any forms (cropped, modified for graphics such as banners, icons, wallpapers etc.). They’re also very much aware of how their art are being shuffling around tumblr due to its rapid growth. 

In retaliation, the artists delete their artwork from net (pixiv, personal websites etc.) and many choose to stop drawing and/or submitting art entirely. Some of them reserve to share their art in private accounts only, in which western fan also choose to sneak into and continue redistributing their art.

What you should know

We are talking about an entirely different culture here. In Japan, it’s considered extremely rude with our action. A few artists may tolerate as long as credit and source are given, majority of them do not. Therefore, even if you did source them back, if they wish for you to stop, you stop.

Some people may notice how certain artists stopped updating their pixiv, which could be indicate something already. And 椿みとしち is one of those artists who got furious at us western fanbase. She had twice wiped her pixiv account because of our action. As you may notice at this moment, some of her art came back but not all of them. There is also no promise if she will do it again, but her intention was clear. 

She never enjoyed her art being redistributed. The first time she wiped her pixiv account, some people went into her private twitter account, took her art from there and continue redistributing it. To say it more obvious, this is a whole new level of low.

椿みとしち also stated on above description that for now she’ll continue drawing till 2013, but another great chance she may only be submitting them at another Japanese website which is entirely private and only viewable by friends, and she really hope she wouldn’t need to resort to that option.

Tl;dr - Conclusion

  • 椿みとしち wish for us to stop redistribution her art entirelyBut since no one can stop people from doing it, if you wish to be that person, just keep in mind that she may stop showing her art in public for the rest of 2012. 
  • Just because you weren’t the one who started the original post, you’re equally guilty by reblog = redistribution.
  • This is not only about 椿みとしち, but other artists as well. If they wish for you to stop, you stop. Better yet, ask for permission to make sure.
  • No matter how much you want to share nice art, if you truly love them, respect the artists’ wishes.

That’s all for now. I’ll continue keeping eye on this matter and will give out hopefully appropriate information if any shows up.

I also notice that some of her art work has no box with ‘Embed this artwork’, that means the artist does not want their art to be redistrubuted—Even if you source, that’s an option artists have, if you don’t see it, they don’t want you posting their art, so please look out for that too.

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